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I'm a Fan Girl - so what??

* I loved TOMA. He's the reason why i got into the JE fandom and hooked with Jdramas.ü

*Nakamaru (KAT-TUN) is second to my list. ♥♥♥

* Once, i was under the spell of Vic Zhou (F4, Taiwanese ver) when Meteor Garden became a phenomenal hit in our country. I was a crazy fangirl that time ( i think i am til now XD), too crazy that I ended up buying a cheap tv while im reviewing for a board exam. I failed XDD

* I was born during the reign of boybands so yeah i loved Backstreet Boys ^_^

* Im not really a blogger person so my journal only contains few entries, maybe for now.

*i'll update this from time to time, if I'm not lazy and busy with work*

coffee, collecting table napkins, colored ballpens, movies, scrapbooking